Who provides online consultation at Olinek?

All your favorite therapists.

How to subscribe to online consultations?

You can contact us every business day from 9.00 to 13.00 through Olinek’s phone number
+36 1 798 3462-es telefonszámon or anytime at olinekhu@gmail.com címen.

How much does it cost?

45 min - 5000 HUF

Is it the same as a visit to the Olinek centre?

NB: Online consultation will never replace the therapist's direct work with the child, but there are a few things to consider about this type of sessions:

- during an online consultation, therapists can help you to develop an effective program to care for a young child. For demonstration purposes we can use dolls as we often do in our center. For example, therapists will show you how to lift, carry, change and feed your baby.

- therapists can help you to find positions supporting the child's development during playtime and will also provide ideas suitable for your child.

- if you exercise with your child at home, therapists can help you verify the exercises, improve, add or replace them with improved ones.

- online consultation is an ideal tool to assess the natural environment and spontaneous activity of a child and undertake the necessary changes.

- if your child is using a standing frame, seat, walker, orthoses or other assistive devices during online meeting you can double-check the settings and make necessary changes.

- online consultation is also a good way to check how you are dealing with the positioning of your child, for example while sitting, standing or sleeping.

- during an online consultation, you can learn to exercise with your child under the supervision of a therapist.

- online meetings can help you clearing many doubts and provide psychological support which is often needed in this difficult time.

What is the online consultation process and how does it work?

- after making an appointment, you will receive an e-mail from us confirming the visit and tips on how to prepare for such a visit.

- have a phone handy during the meeting in case the online connection fails.

- the consultation will take place using the Zoom platform.

- you will receive a consultation link and password in the email.

- a few minutes before the planned meeting, click on the link and register on the Zoom platform, enter the password and immediately connect with your therapist.

- prior to the online consultation, prepare the room where the session will take place. Spread a mat or a blanket on the floor. Set the computer so that the space is clearly visible by the therapist.

- if you want to ask about something specific, prepare photos or recordings beforehand, so that you can show them to the therapist during the session (e.g. when a child is sleeping or riding a bike).

- during the meeting you can ask about everything, like during a typical visit to the center.

- after the meeting you will receive an email with a summary of the entire session and tips for further work.

Online consultation will never replace a real visit. However, we find ourselves in this very particular situation. Given the circumstances, this is the best way we can help you. If you feel the need to contact us - do not hesitate. The Olinek team is here for you :)